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oBike shuts up shop but leaves customers demanding refunds

Unsurprisingly, bike-sharing company oBike is in hot water as dozens of customers claim they can’t retrieve their $70 deposit.

All questions on the company’s Facebook page have gone unanswered since Monday.

Some users say the refund button has disappeared from the app.

“I don’t know what your understanding of a deposit is, but my understanding is that you can get the money back when you choose to as long as you haven’t been proven to damage the property,” says Ben Fordham.

“If you’ve done the right thing you can get the money back, that’s what a deposit is!”

One customer fighting to get his money back is Nick McCallum. He tells Ben Fordham he “hasn’t heard anything” from oBike after complaining to the company.

“I’m probably going to have to turn to the bank to help me get it back as well, but even then there’s probably no guarantee.

“It’s disappointing because I didn’t mind the service in the first place, but now they’re pulling out in Melbourne I’m not going to be able to use it and it’s all because of a bunch of people who were vandalising it.

“It’s a proof that we can’t have nice things, Ben.”

Ben attempted to call the customer service hotline but was met with an engaged signal.

“It’s been engaged all day they might be inundated with calls from people telling them how good their service is…”

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