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NSW schools open for public use over the holidays

Deborah Knight

The state government is looking to change the way we utilise school grounds over the holidays.

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has announced a trial program where 42 participating schools will open for public use during the summer holidays.

A similar idea has already been set up in New York which is where the Minister drew inspiration for the project.

“The city just injected some money which opened up schoolyards which would otherwise be locked away.

“Here in Sydney, some of the best located public space we have is in our local primary and high schools.

“Particularly for families in unit blocks, open space is at a premium. When it’s just sitting there and people can’t use it, it seems a bit crazy.”

In return, schools will receive a modest $15,000 as an incentive, and to pay for any damage. Costs of cleaners and security will be met by the Department of Education.

The grounds of participating schools will open from 8am to 6pm from December 23 until the end of the school holidays in late January.

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