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NSW Premier denies defending ‘inherent right’ of protesters

The NSW Premier has vehemently denied defending anti-racism protesters’ right to protest ahead of enormous weekend rallies.

Last week, Premier Gladys Berejiklian said protesting is an “inherent right in democracy”.

She told Mark Levy those comments were made in defense of small groups of less than 20 protesters, not the crowd of 20,000 who attended last Saturday’s deaths in custody rally in Sydney.

“Mark, can I be very clear about this?

“I never have, and our government never have – and never would – support anything which breached the health orders.

“Never ever would we support thousands of people recklessly not adhering to the social distancing, and going out there to protest.

“Never ever!”

The NSW Supreme Court has declared further protests illegal, and the Premier said she is ‘confident’ in the ability of police to manage those planned for this weekend.

However, she refused to commit to ensuring the arrest or fining of anyone who turns up.

“Please respect the health orders,” she begged would-be protesters.

“Please respect the verdict of the Supreme Court.

“Please respect what police and leaders have been saying.

“Don’t risk your own safety, and don’t risk getting a fine.”

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