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NSW Premier confident rail network will not fail, again

The NSW Government has consistently been accused of understaffing the rail network, and it’s been a field day for critics.

Alan Jones speaks to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to find out if she’s confident there won’t be a train strike in the near future.

“We know from time to time when there’s negotiations around pay, people say certain things and do certain things in order to maximise the outcomes they’re going to receive.

“I’m confident that the system will continue to provide those consistent services.”

Premier Berejiklian tells Alan the rail system was broken but is now on the mend.

“Of course there is still more to do, and I don’t shy away from that.”

Alan tells Premier Berejiklian he receives complaints about the lack of parking available for commuters at stations, but the Premier assures him a plan is in process.

“We have built a lot of commuter carparks, but we have to do more.

“I know the Transport Minister has already announced that we’re looking at ways we can connect the Opal system to car parking to make it easier for commuters.

“We want to do more and so that is definitely high up on our agenda, and that’s possible because we do have a strong budget position.”

The Premier also comments on the Murray-Darling basin, the chaotic Return & Earn scheme and Sydney’s dockless bike disaster.

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