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‘I think you’re telling fibs’: Ben Fordham calls out Opposition leader for Boxing Day lies

NSW Labor has decided it wants zero shops open on Boxing Day.

Following a three-year trial, the government has moved a motion to continue to keep shops open on Boxing Day.

But state Labor leader Mr Daley has picked a fight, saying there is no good reason shops should be open the day after Christmas.

“I just want to repeal the law that Gladys Berejiklian passed through parliament last year that now requires people to work on Boxing Day,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“Hang on a minute… I need to pick you up on something there,” says Ben.

“Nobody’s required to work on Boxing Day.”

“I think you’re telling fibs.”

“Well, I don’t agree, Ben,” says Mr Daley.

He says young people don’t have the bargaining power to say no to their employers.

But Ben pushes back, “as a young bloke, I was asked many times to work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day”.

“If you want to ahead in life, sometimes you need to make sacrifices.”

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On stadiums, it’s reported part of Allianz’s roof will have to be ripped off by the time the state election arrives next year.

When asked if he’ll cancel the demolition, Mr Daley says “not one screw in that stadium has to be dismantled before the election”.

“If they want to be bloody-minded and ignore what I think are the clear wishes of the people of New South Wales… that’s on them.”