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NSW Opposition Leader slams ‘Return and Earn’ debacle

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has called for the government to pull the failed ‘Return and Earn’ rollout.

Mr Foley joined Ray for the final time in 2017, to discuss all of the big issues, starting with the “botched” Container Deposit Scheme.

“For the life of me, I don’t know why the government is hell-bent on proceeding.

“I propose this be pulled for six or seven months to get this right and then roll it out at the same time as Queensland so there’s a bit of harmony.”

Mr Foley says the state of collection points is bad in Sydney but is far worse on the state’s north coast.

“A scheme that’s meant to keep the environment clean is making many communities filthier.”

The Labor Leader also says Ray’s investigation into Westmead Children’s Hospital funding crisis will be a “big issue in 2018”.

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