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NSW Government announce new education and employment program for veterans

NSW Government has announced a new education and employment program to veterans after they return from service.

It comes after an idea floated by Virgin Australia to offer priority boarding to our veterans was met with harsh criticism.

NSW Minister for Veterans Affairs David Elliott tells Chris Smith over 100 veterans discharge in the state of New South Wales every year.

He says the nature of the job means servicemen and women have “operational experience” and this new program will give them the opportunity to hone those skills in a number of different courses.

“They are indeed veterans in the truest sense of the word,” says the minister.

“There has been some concerns about how vulnerable and how difficult it is for some of them to return to civilian life.

“We’ve deiced… to announce a program which allow veterans to take an opportunity to study at Tafe with something like 1400 Tafe courses now made available.”

Mr Elliott says the program will be offered to veterans “at no cost”.

“I don’t like using the word free-of-charge because it’s suggesting the veterans are getting something they’re not entitled to. They are entitled to this.”

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