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NSW could finally be acting on the share bike shamble

The New South Wales Government is looking to follow Victoria’s lead as the southern state gets tough on share bike companies.

oBike has pulled out of Melbourne after the government started dishing out $3,000 fines for bikes that had been discarded.

Now, the NSW government is drafting laws to empower local councils to do the same.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne tells Ben Fordham councils have been calling for action for months.

“We’ve been telling them for months now that these share bikes are littering the streets, that the public has lost confidence in the commercial bike share system.

“We need tougher regulations which councils can implement.”

Mayor Byrne says the operators haven’t done enough to “professionalise” their systems and a $3,000 fine would be sufficient.

“Andrew Constance and the Premier just need to get on with it and implement a new system.”

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Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp tells Ben oBike couldn’t afford to continue their business in the city because of the fines being imposed.

She says her “cycling city” welcomes bikes and won’t be ceasing conversations with other operators.

“What we can do… is make sure that we’re regulating the behaviour of the bike operators to make sure that it’s safe for cyclists but also safe for other people using out cirty streets.”

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