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NRL to implement stringent biosecurity measures ahead of season restart

The NRL is planning to restart the competition on May 28, bringing many to ask how they can ensure player safety amid social distancing regulations?

Balmain legend, ARL commissioner and head of NRL’s Innovation Committee, Wayne Pearce tells Mark Levy on Wide World of Sports radio they are implementing stringent biosecurity measures and adhering to the strictest guidelines in terms of policing those measures.

“We’re going to be rigorously testing… and temperature testing. We’ll also do a bit more detailed testing around the swabs.
“The fact is our workplace is going to have parameters in place to minimise the risk.”
In the case of a player contracting the virus, Pearce says there’s a whole lot of protocols to consider.
“It will depend on who gets it, who they’ve had contact with in previous days… it’s not a matter of saying if somebody gets it we have to shut down the competition.”
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