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Notorious prisoner Bassam Hamzy arrested over ‘revenge’ murder of 15yo

One of Australia’s most dangerous criminals is being questioned by police over matters related to the murder of a Sydney teenager.

Bassam Hamzy, who is currently serving a combined maximum sentence of more than 40 years, was initially put behind bars at age 19 for murder, where he then started the Brothers 4 Life gang.

The 40-year-old ran a violent drug network from his prison cell and used a phone to organise several kidnappings and drive-by shootings from the inside.

Now, he’s been arrested and moved from Goulburn Supermax to be questioned by homicide detectives as part of ongoing investigations into the murder of 15-year-old Brayden Dillon.

The teenager was shot in the head while sleeping in his bed on Good Friday in 2017. Police believe the execution-style murder was a revenge attack after his older brother allegedly fatally stabbed an 18-year-old during a brawl.

Police have previously charged seven people in relation to the shooting.

Detectives have charged Hamzy, a 62-year-old solicitor, and a 49-year-old woman over alleged commercial supply of ice and participation in a criminal group, discovered as part of the ongoing investigations into Dillon’s murder.

Police will allege Hamzy used legal contact calls with a solicitor to operate a drug syndicate.

Crime Editor at the Daily Telegraph Mark Morri tells John Stanley the charges relate to the facilitation of crime from prison.

“A Sydney lawyer has been charged with his involvement with Bassam Hamzy involving some criminal activities out of Supermax. 

“They’re amazing allegations that are coming out.”

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