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‘Not the sexiest subject… one of the most important ones’: New disaster strategy launched

The NSW government has launched a new strategy that will help keep the lights on, water running and transport moving, even when disaster strikes.

The newly unveiled Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy (CIRS) will help strengthen the state’s water, food, electricity, telecommunications, transport, and health assets.

Emergency Services Minister, Troy Grant tells Ben Fordham “while not the sexiest subject it’s probably one of the most important ones” when faced with natural disasters such as bushfires, storms, floods, and increasingly, threats from cyber attacks and terrorism.

“What we’re doing is actually making sure the utility providers (and) local government who have their responsibilities to state government, understand what we have where, how it works and how we can better protect it from being affected by disaster or cyber attack,” says Mr Grant.

The new strategy focuses on “preparation and prevention”. It differs from the current state disaster plan, which is all about the response.

“It’s not only about what we have currently, but also what we’re building in the future.”

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