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‘Not in its current form’: Immigration Minister rules out global migration deal… sort of

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The Immigration Minister insists Australia will not sign a global migration deal… in its current form.

The government has been involved in authoring the Global Compact for Migration, signed by every UN member state except for the US and Mexico.

The agreement’s final draft, released this month, says countries should agree to “review and revise” laws that sanction irregular entry and allow the use of immigration detention “as a deterrent”.

Agreeing to it could force a revision of the Coalition’s successful border protection laws that have stopped boats arriving on our shores.

Minister Peter Dutton tells Alan Jones, “it’s not going to happen for our country”, but refused to rule out negotiating terms.

Alan: “Are you going to sign a global migration deal?”

Dutton: “We’re not going to sign a deal that sacrifices anything in terms of our border protection policies. We’ve fought hard for them.”

Alan: “Will Australia be signing a global compact on migration?”

Dutton: “Not if it’s not in our national interests.”

Alan: “Well what are we doing negotiating the compact, helping write the bloody thing?”

Dutton: “We’re happy to negotiate in good faith but we’re not going to sign any document that’s not in our national interest and it’s not in our national interest to sign our border protection policy over to the UN.”

Alan: “I come back to the question… there is a global compact on migration. Will you or your government be signing it?”

Dutton: “Not in its current form. We’ve been very clear about that.

“We’re not going to surrender our sovereignty. I’m not going to allow unelected bodies to dictate to us, to the Australian people.”

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