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‘Not copping that’: Mark Latham unleashes on Graham Richardson over ‘king rat’ jibe

Mark Latham has hit out at Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson and his “king rat” jibe, saying Richo is the last person he’ll be taking ethical lectures from.

Richardson first launched his attack on the former Labor leader yesterday with Ben Fordham, savaging Latham for calling Bill Shorten a liar and recording a robocall for One Nation.

Sparks flew as Richardson and Latham confronted each other that night on Sky News. Richardson labelled the conservative commentator a “king rat” and slammed him for turning his back on Labor.

Now, the man under fire has the floor to respond.

“I’m not taking lectures on ethical behaviour from Graham Richardson,” Latham tells Ben Fordham.

“From Danny Casey to Eddie Obeid to Ron Medich… to Swiss bank accounts, I mean when Richo has a mates reunion it’s at Long Bay jail.

“So Richo should be the last person lecturing anyone on ethics in public life, so I’m not copping that from Richardson.”

Latham isn’t backing down on his decision to call Opposition leader Bill Shorten a liar, claiming his point is “valid”.

“It started in 2004 when Shorten, as a union official, was out there campaigning against the American Free Trade agreement. I sat next to him at a function one night and he said, you’ve got to support that agreement.”

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When it comes to whether a return to politics is on the cards, Latham says he isn’t ruling it out.

“I’ve had offers from four different parties… if I could head up four Senate tickets I’d be elected for sure.

“I’m considering those, I’ve said to you, it’s a matter for family consideration as well.”