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Not a ‘wannabe’: Jim Molan backs LNP candidate who wrongfully claimed war medal

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The Coalition’s candidate for the Queensland seat of Longman has apologised for wrongly claiming to have received a prestigious military medal.

In a biography, Trevor Ruthenberg says he was awarded an Australian Service Medal, which recognises contributions to peacekeeping.

Instead, he was given a different honour marking four years of service.

Mr Ruthenberg says it was an honest error.

Below | Australian Defence Medal (left) / Australian Service Medal (right)

Retired Major General and Liberal Senator Jim Molan tells Chris Smith he shouldn’t suffer.

“I say that for the simple reason that he doesn’t strike me as a wannabe.

“We’ve had a lot of impersonators, particularly since the Vietnam war… we’ve had a lot of wannabes who want to put themselves out as something that they’re not.

“I believe it is very, very easy to be confused about the name.

“For someone who is not very fascinated by medals… that’s not an unusual circumstance.”

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Listener Richard, who has both medals, called in to say he does not agree.

“Unless you’re Helen Keller, you can’t mix them up.

“He’s trying to big note himself and he got caught.”

Chis says he’ll give Mr Ruthenberg “the benefit of the doubt” but Richard isn’t so generous.

“They come in a box, they’re clearly labelled on the box which one is which.”


LNP candidate apologies for claiming prestigious military award

Image: LSIS James Whittle, © Commonwealth of Australia