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Noni Hazelhurst’s latest project brought back memories from her past

Noni Hazlehurst has fans across all age groups.

The seasoned actress is loved by youngsters for her regular spot on Play School.

But her role on A Place to Call Home has seen her command the hearts of much older Australians.

The Logie Award-winner joins Chris Smith to discuss her latest project, Ladies in Black, a comedy-drama which takes viewers back to the glamorous 50s and 60s.

Noni says filming the movie evoked some strong memories from her own childhood.

“I grew up in Melbourne and the Myer Mural Hall was the place my mother took me to for special treats,” Noni says.

“It was quite a magical place and all the women were beautifully dressed, with gloves and hats and stockings and handbags.

“It was lovely to recreate that time because it was a beautiful time.”

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Being on set, she says, was a clear reminder of how much Australia has transformed in 60 years.

“It was a real watershed decade.

“We were getting different cultural influences with that wave of migration that came from war-torn Europe.

“I remember being a little girl… (and) our neighbours were Italian refugees and I remember smelling lamb cooked in oil and garlic for the first time.”