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‘No one understands’: Why this farm is crippled by drought despite an overflowing river

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Alan Jones has brought to light yet another story of rural Australians desperately struggling to make it through the drought.

Schoolteacher Kirsty contacted Alan in a bid to bring some attention to the awful situation she and her town find themselves in.

She and her farmer husband live on an 800-acre property in Berrigan, near the Victorian border.

Kirsty has just received news they will not be receiving a water allocation for yet another year, despite paying for a water licence.

“It means that there are about 200 rural houses alone… that will be without water.

“We’ll have no water for our sheep, no water for our house, and lots of people are in the same boat as us.”

She says Victorian farmers just over the border are swimming in water while NSW continues to suffer due restrictions imposed by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

“The Murray River, which is 30km from us… is full.

“We feel that no one understands. They don’t care.

“We really just need an emergency allocation. We need it now.”

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