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New visa to fast-track 5000 high-skilled migrants

The government has launched the fast-tracking of 5000 visas for highly-skilled migrants which would advance Australia’s high-tech industries.

Seven of the industry sectors the government is targeting include, agriculture technology, financial technology, medical technology, cybersecurity, data science, energy and mining technology, and the space industry.

The new additions will enter Australia as part of the annual skilled migration cap of 70,000 which is part of the overall immigration intake of 160,000.

Immigration Minister David Coleman tells Ross Greenwood this will ensure more jobs for Australians.

“This isn’t extra people on top of the cap, this is basically saying within that cap we want to focus very intently on getting the very best and brightest people to Australia because they’re the ones that come up with ideas that lead to companies expanding.”

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Image: Getty/Alexander Spatari