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New state Labor leader says people are ‘walking away from politics’

In studio with Ray Hadley

It’s fair to say it’s a tumultuous time in politics.

Particularly if you’re a part of the New South Wales Labor Party, whose new state leader Michael Daley says he’s “just as surprised” to be sitting in the chair opposite Ray Hadley.

He took over from Luke Foley, who resigned after being accused of inappropriately touching an ABC reporter.

“This was not a transition to a new leader like we saw with the Turnbull-Dutton fiasco, this was a seamless transition,” Mr Daley tells Ray.

He says “there’s been a litany of issues” with the current government and believes many voters are no longer interested in politics.

“People are starting to walk away from politics and they’re getting cynical about politicians because they’re sick of politicians talking about themselves.

“What they want to hear is politicians talking about what makes life better for them.

“People in the suburbs need help and I’m determined to press the reset button.”

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On the controversial Zoe’s Law being debated in state parliament today, Mr Daley says “we shouldn’t make a political issue about this”.

“Last time it came before the parliament, I had the luxury of being able to vote for it as a free MP.

“Now that I’m a leader, there’s much consequence attached to that.”

He tells Ray he’ll make his decision with the guidance of the women around him.

“I’ll consult with the women that are important to me. My wife, my mum, my sister, my 27-year-old daughter, and I’ll sit down with the women in my caucus.

“Because I wouldn’t presume as a bloke to walk onto the floor of parliament and not be guided in large part by what important and sensible…. women around me have to say.”

In studio with Ray Hadley