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Smart meters expected to combat rising power prices

It looks like rising power prices will dominate 2018.

But what’s needed to stop the hike?

The Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy has released a report from its enquiry into modernising Australia’s grid.

There were 23 recommendations, one of which was implementing smart meters, a device which measures the amount of electricity used and when.

Chris Smith speaks with Chair of Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy, Andrew Broad.

“This is a report that’s claimed to look into the future, about how do you build the Australian electricity grid, because the grid is in transition.

“As we look at the next 10, 20 and 30 years, we need to think of quite a number of things… how do we ensure we have a grid which is responsive? And smart meters will be part of that mix.”

Mr Broad tells Chris owners will be expected to pay for the smart meters.

Listen to the full interview below