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New laws to get children out of foster care and into a ‘forever home’

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Alan Jones has thrown his full support behind a government plan to get children out of foster care and give them a “forever home”.

In New South Wales, there are close to 18,000 children and young people in out-of-home care and thousands can languish in the system for more than 12 years and see more than 30 foster placements.

Alan met some of these children at theĀ Kids in Need fundraiser at Kirribilli House on the weekend.

A mother of five children approached Alan with two of her foster children.

One of the boys, Brodie, had been shipped around to 11 different carers in just a few months.

Brodie’s sister couldn’t find a foster parent and was forced to live in a hotel.

The state government is in the process of changing the law, setting a maximum time limit of 24 months for a child to be given a permanent home – either through returning home or adoption.

NSW Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward tells Alan it’s time to start giving these children a proper home and a proper upbringing.

“We are the government that invests heavily in ensuring that children can stay home.

“But when they can’t, to have them languishing in the system for 12 and a half years, up to 30 foster parents in that time, that is no childhood.

“And no wonder the results for children in foster care are so often so tragic.”

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