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New and improved rules to hold big supermarkets to account

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The cheap offerings of big supermarkets are under the microscope, with a push underway to make pre-existing code of conduct mandatory.

Big supermarket suppliers are pricing small business out of the grocery game, and it’s having a bigger affect than originally thought.

There is fear the introduction of Amazon into the grocery market will make the situation even worse for small business.

The Food and Grocery Code of Conduct which was set up three years ago to try and keep the industry “fair” is currently a voluntary service but is enforceable by the ACCC once you opt in.

Former ACCC boss Graeme Samuel is behind a push to make it mandatory for all retailers.

Mr Samuel claims those who know about the code are scared to raise complaints within it, telling Chris Smith “they’re scared of retribution… that they’ll either be de-listed or that the orders for their products will be diminished”.

The former ACCC boss thinks he has a solution.

“What I am going to recommend is that we have an over-riding provision in the code that says; in spite of everything else, you’ve got to engage in what I’ll call fair dealings”.

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