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New advertising rules set ‘sinister’ PC standards

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A crackdown has been launched on ads which portray gender stereotypes.

Changes made last month to guidelines will see companies reprimanded for showing a woman with sole responsibility for cleaning or a father who’s bad at parenting.

Association of National Advertisers says the rules prevent ads from unwittingly reinforcing negative stereotypes.

Former advertising executive and Skye News Outsiders host Rowan Dean tells Ben Fordham “there’s a sinister side to this”.

“It’s such an industry which is clearly destroying the standard of life in this country by depicting, shock horror, women who do the housework, my god!

“Of course they’re after those [ads] because the women aren’t empowered.

“This is censorship. Who is this group who sits around and tells us what is funny and what we can’t say and how we can’t depict humans or people in a free society?”

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