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Nationals MP threatens supermarkets, demanding fairer milk prices

A Nationals MP is demanding our major supermarkets do more to protect the Australian dairy industry or the government will intervene.

Doctor David Gillespie is calling for a 10-cents-a-litre levy to be imposed for the next year to keep dairy farms running until a more sustainable solution is developed.

And he’s threatening to introduce the proposal as legislation if supermarkets don’t do it themselves.

Alan Jones has long been calling for fairer milk prices and an end to dollar-a-litre-milk.

Dr Gillespie says it’s time to act.

“I’m not a big believer in market intervention, but if markets are broken that’s when governments step in.

“There is a price that the retailers demand from processors and that price dominoes down.

“We want efficiency across all the levels of the value chain but all the risk gets pushed down to the farmers and it starts at the top.”

Alan argues Dr Gillespie is targeting the wrong people though, saying processors are to blame and that supermarkets are willing to absorb price rises.

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