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‘My job’s not normal’: New podcast shares incredible stories from the outback

TV journalist Tracey Preston has had some pretty incredible encounters with animals.

She’s been licked by a puma, had her thumb sucked by a lion, taken a pack of dingoes for a walk, had a wild gorilla touch her back and that’s just the start.

“My job’s not normal, and that’s why I like it,” she tells Chris Smith.

A real believer in the power of animals and the impact they can have on our lives, Tracey’s sharing her stories in a new podcast series called We’re All Animals.

She tells Chris Smith it focuses on the people who really have the best stories to tell.

“What I’ve really discovered is that it’s the people that work and go to save and protect these animals that really have the most incredible stories to tell.

“You just wouldn’t believe what they do to save and protect the animals they love… the astounding lengths they go to.

Tracey also recalls the moment she met silverback gorilla named Kerbau.

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