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Motorists urged to shop around as petrol margin blows out

Michael McLaren

The gap between the average cost for unleaded fuel and the wholesale price paid by retailers has blown out to a record high.

The margin is now at 24.7 cents a litre, the highest level since monitoring began in 2004.

Petrol retailers are denying suggestions they’re ripping off drivers, saying the cost of running service stations is on the rise.

Senior Economist at CommSec Ryan Felsman tells Michael McLaren motorists need to take advantage of real-time monitoring websites and apps.

“We are at the mercy of both the government and also the retailers.

“What motorists need to get a hold of is the fact that we do have these real-time apps out there, like

“You can jump onto that app and look real time and see where pump prices are.”

Across the city of Sydney, most prices are above $1.30 a litre.

But Mr Felsmann says in some suburbs the price can be up to 10 cents less.

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