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EXCLUSIVE | Motorbike riding given green light by NSW Premier

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Motorcycling is considered exercise under COVID-19 guidelines, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told Ben Fordham, officially making it a legal reason to leave home.

Premier Berejiklian says many of the restrictions lifted in Queensland, such as ‘non-essential’ shopping and casual driving, don’t apply in NSW, where such activities haven’t been prohibited.

“[The police] haven’t booked anybody for riding a motorbike, because that is akin to riding an exercise bike.

“We’ve chosen not to define what an essential thing is to buy – it’s up to you.

“What we’ve tried to do in NSW is be as flexible as we can.”

NSW has recorded just two new cases of COVID-19 overnight, the state’s lowest increase since the crisis began.

While many older Australians are eager to get out for some fresh air, the Premier advises they should remain indoors as much as possible for the time being.

“With the most vulnerable, Ben, we have to be careful. At the moment, we’ve still said you have to stay home apart from the four main reasons.”

Those reasons, she says, are buying goods, going to work or school, exercising, and for care and medical purposes.

“It’s not a perfect science,” Ms Berejiklian admitted, but the public can expect updated conditions every couple of weeks.

“In a couple of days, I’ll be saying to the people of NSW ‘this is what May will look like for us’.

“We know that once you lift any restriction, you’re going to get more cases.

“But that is the balance you have to strike, because we can’t keep living like this.”

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