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Peter Dutton ‘lucky to get out’ of deadly Indonesian earthquake

Macquarie National News

A strong earthquake has struck the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok, killing dozens of people and rocking neighbouring Bali.

Last week, a dozen people were killed when an earthquake struck Lombok.

This latest quake recorded at magnitude 7.0 by the US Geological Survey, struck early Sunday evening at a depth of 10.5 kilometres in the northern part of Lombok.

Indonesian officials believe at least 91 people have been killed.

Australia’s Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton is in Lombok for a counter-terrorism conference, and tells Ray Hadley the quake left “everyone a bit shaken”.

“We were at a dinner on the 12th floor of the hotel where we were staying.

“We were pretty lucky to get out. The building’s integrity I think’s been compromised, lots of bits falling down.

“We were knocked certainly to the floor. The violence of the shaking of the building was pretty dramatic nut my AFP guys did a great job as well.

“Everyone’s a bit shaken but all well.”

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