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Missy Higgins’ ‘little Post-it note’ reveals lockdown silver lining

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Australian pop queen Missy Higgins has been busy during her time stuck at home, releasing a brand new track about the experience.

She told Deborah Knight ‘When the Machine Starts‘ is the first project she’s singlehandedly produced and engineered, and is about “having a hopeful moment” amidst Victoria’s first lockdown.

“It’s like a little Post-it note to myself, to just try not to forget the things that you’ve learned during this time.”

Ms Higgins will return to the stage later this month after performing multiple virtual shows from home, which she admits “pales in comparison” to live gigs.

“It’s not quite the same as seeing people’s faces, feeling the warmth of bodies, and seeing that connection; looking at people in the eyes and getting that very visual, immediate feedback.”

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