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Minister slams Daily Telegraph for ‘completely wrong’ reporting on abortion bill

The NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has slammed The Daily Telegraph’s reporting of sex-selection abortions.

The bill to decriminalise abortion passed the lower house on Thursday night but the Health Minister has taken issue with The Daily Telegraph’s reporting of the proceedings.

The paper’s print copy published an article titled “Parents get right to choose gender” declaring “abortion based on sex to be legal in NSW”.

But Brad Hazzard says that is far from the truth.

He says the Legislative Assembly unanimously condemned gender-based abortion and called for a review to determine if the practice occurs in NSW.

The Health Minister tells Steve Price The Daily Telegraph got the facts “completely wrong”.

“It was unanimous that no one would support gender selection.

“I don’t quite know how the Telegraph can make those… I think actually the Telegraph is wrong.

“I was a bit disappointed, to say the least, that that article was actually put out there.

“Whilst I respect the Telegraph… on this one, I think they’ve just got it wrong.”

Steve Price agrees and says, “they obviously completely got that wrong and they ought to apologise.”

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