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Minister ‘confident’ in resources to fight unprecedented bushfires

The NSW government is confident in the resources deployed as the state battles through a ‘catastrophic’ fire danger warning.

There are currently about 70 fires burning across the state. At least 40 of those are uncontained, with 10 currently at an Emergency alert level.

More than 3000 firefighters are on the ground and dozens of waterbombing aircraft in the air, with more coming.

NSW Minister for Emergency Services David Elliot tells Steve Price he believes they are well prepared for the unprecedented conditions.

“So far all the predictions that were made in the last 72 hours have pretty much come to fruition.

“You can never have a firetruck at the bottom of every street, that would be utopia.

“I’m confident that we have everything that we possibly need.”

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Image: Getty/Saeed Khan