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Mick Fuller won’t rule out criminal charges over Ruby Princess debacle

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says his criminal investigation into the Ruby Princess will add to the inquiry’s findings.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian has apologised after NSW Health was determined to have made “inexplicable” and “unjustifiable” decisions to let the passengers disembark.

28 passengers aboard the ship died from coronavirus, including nine in NSW.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told Ben Fordham they can’t rule anyone out of the investigation.

“There would have to be evidence beyond someone making a mistake [for criminal charges], but it is important we don’t just look at the recommendations of the special inquiry but we look at the evidence.

“That will help police make a difficult decision, if need be, for anyone that may have shown that higher level of negligence that contributed to the death of those nine people in NSW.”

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