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Michael Danby hammers ‘scandalous’ Bob Carr on his devotion to China

Veteran Labor MP Michael Danby is calling time on his career after two decades in federal parliament.

But before he goes, he’s hit out at fellow former Labor member Bob Carr.

It comes after Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane gave a speech arguing the case for Chinese foreign policy.

“It’s a terrible speech,” Mr Danby tells Chris Kenny.

“It shows the pervasive, bad influence of Bob Carr of whom I understand [Shaoquett Moselmane] is a devotee. He loves him because of his anti-Isreal, pro-Palestinian views, so he’s now taken on board all of Bob Carrs abjectly pro-Bejing views.

“It’s very serious when the so-called intellectual leader of that group goes on Chinese television, as Bob Carr did on February 18th, and says that he’s looking forward to Xi Jinping’s leadership for the world.”

He tells Chris Mr Carr’s influence has “diminished” and the “proof is in the pudding”.

“I’ve been involved in criticising him, I do it very loudly and proudly and I think I’m on the right track.

“I think it’s scandalous when a former foreign minister of Australia says on Chinese television, on their official propaganda channel, that he’s looking forward to Xi Jinping.

“That’s actually more serious than Shaoquett Moselmane.”

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