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Merger between militant unions approved by Fair Work Commission

The boss of the building industry regulator says he’ll be watching closely for any illegal behaviour by a new “super-union”.

The Fair Work Commission has approved the amalgamation of the Construction, Textile and Maritime Unions into a 144,000-member super union.

It’s prompted an angry response from business groups, which argue the merger will promote a culture of bullying and thuggery.

Building and Construction Commissioner Stephen McBurney tells Ross Greenwood he’ll be looking to stamp that out.

“The ABCCC has a clear statutory mandate to investigate and prosecute contraventions of the law, whether it’s by the CMFEU or the new merged entity, we will stand ready.”

Ross Greenwood also speaks with Minister for Workplace Relations Craig Laundy who has slammed the merger.

“If they don’t change their behaviour, they can stuff this economy in ways we haven’t even thought of.”

“You elect this crew, and you let these unions run rampant, because they’re off the leash in ways we’ve never seen.”

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