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‘Mentally draining’: Inside the life of a control centre paramedic

A NSW paramedic who takes calls from people desperately seeking medical help has described the ups and downs of the job.

Paramedic Chris Cutler works in the control centre, instructing people on everything from how deliver a baby to performing CPR on a loved one.

He posted an emotional message to Facebook after finishing a shift where he received two death threats.

“This headset has had me sob myself to sleep. Knowing I wish I could’ve done so much more, but it was out of my hands.

“It’s had me crawl into a ball on the floor, dousing me with anxiety – leaving a loved one to find me and crawl into a ball next to me – just to let me know someone’s there.”

He tells Chris Smith he decided to write the post to let people know what paramedics go through on a daily basis.

“I decided the community needed to know what we actually deal with and the severity of it.

“It can be taxing and it can be mentally draining.”

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