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Meet Jayden, the beer stubby-wielding crocodile fighter

In a story that could’ve only happened in the Northern Territory, a fisherman has fought off a three metre crocodile with nothing but beers.

After crashing his boat into a mangrove forest, Jayden Stockbridge resorted to fending off the reptile with whatever he had nearby, telling the NT News he ‘didn’t want to become a chicken nugget for a croc’.

But the incident hasn’t kept him off the water, he told Ben Fordham, loading up his tinny to go fishing as they spoke.

“I … crashed the boat, and then the crocodile wanted a bit of me when I woke up,” Mr Stockbridge recounted.

“But I threw a stubby in, she was all good.”

Ben questioned why beers were Mr Stockbridge’s weapon of choice.

“I had middies or a fishing rod, and middies are middies mate, they’re worth nothing so I threw that.

“That’s actually the first time I’ve been on the middies, and I’ll never do it again.”

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