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Meet Bonecruncher: The Outback Wrangler’s ‘one in a million’

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The Outback Wrangler is encouraging Aussies to holiday here while the international border is still closed.

However, Matt Wright warned, crocs are “going to get more active” over summer and travellers to the far north need to ensure they swim in the designated areas.

Earlier in the year, his interaction with Bonecruncher went viral.


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“I don’t want to promote that you can go and play with a saltwater crocodile … I’ve worked with crocs for a very long time,” he told Deborah Knight.

“When I first met that crocodile, he was nuts. He was savage, he wanted to eat me.

“He has had a few blues in his time since I’ve known him: he’s lost his bottom jaw, he’s lost an eye, he’s got a bit of his tail ripped off.

“It’s made him a bit more placid … I can have a connection with this crocodile like you’ve never seen; it’s one in a million and I love it.”

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