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Mechanics could be left twiddling their thumbs

Mechanics are being told they could be out of a job if electric cars take over.

A KPMG survey finds the takeup on electric vehicles will see half or all car dealerships close due to revenue losses.

Ben Fordham speaks with Electric Vehicle Council CEO Behyad Jafari.

“These findings aren’t something we’re surprised by.

“We do need to start thinking about how do we upskill the people who are currently doing the work, making sure they can maintain electric cars in the future.”

“We’re sure going to lose a few jobs in the traditional part of the sector.”

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Ben also speaks with Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith who has two electric cars

But he explains to Ben how electric cars will only be a reality for the wealthy due to expensive costs.

Mr Smith tells Ben how he installed solar panels on his roof to power his Nissan Leaf, but it ended up costing him between double and four times more per kilometre compared to a pertrol car.

“Most people want to go to electric cars so you can not put carbon into the atmosphere.

“Well, most electric cars at the moment are just plugged into the power point switch which is a coal-fired power station.”

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