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Mayor visits home after council refuses to remove dangerous tree

The Mayor of Willoughby has visited the home of a family who has concerns about a dangerous tree in their backyard.

The Ben Fordham Show spoke with Tom Malone, who has concerns for the safety of his young children after the council forbade him from removing a tree in his own backyard.

He says the large gum tree in his backyard regularly drops large branches on their property and he fears, when the next big storm hits, it could fall right on top of his child’s bedroom.

Willoughby Council has rejected Mr Malone’s application three times in the past three years.

After the Mayor’s personal visit, he tells Ben Fordham he is expecting an answer from the council by the end of the week.

“The Mayor did admit that they do have to go through a review of the council policy, none of that is going to happen quickly.

“What’s happening here is they’re leaning too far towards preserving trees over human life and something has to change.”

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