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Mass cycling protest causes traffic chaos for peak hour commuters

Protesting cyclists have caused major traffic delays in Brisbane this morning.

Up to 50 cyclists took part in the ‘die-in’ demonstration in South Brisbane, protesting unsafe cycling conditions in the area.

The demonstration imitating the scene of a mass accident began at around 8:30am and impacted motorists trying to get in and out of local schools and hospitals.

It lasted just over 10 minutes, enough time to cause major gridlock with delays extending up to 8 km.

Ray Hadley says this display, led by Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri, has done “nothing to help the cause”.

“I often make the comment there are probably as many silly cyclists as there are silly motorists.

“But to stop Brisbane peak hour traffic by imitating the scene of a mass accident is just dumb.”

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Image: Jorjamcdonnell Twitter