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Mark Latham’s election plan to ‘ban the burqa’

Mark Latham has announced a ‘ban the burqa’ policy ahead of the upcoming state election.

The former federal Labor leader is running for a seat in the New South Wales upper house with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

He tells Alan Jones the Islamic covering is sexist and shouldn’t be allowed.

“It is sexism and in an era of #MeToo, wouldn’t you think all the lefties would be jumping up and down about it trying to get rid of the burqa.

“Well, they don’t say anything and what they’re really doing is putting Islamic rights ahead of women’s rights.”

Mr Latham believes the garb also presents a significant security risk and says he will start by banning them from government buildings.

“I think it’s very hard on state government staff…

“Right across the board, it’s a normal standard in our society to have this communication and I think banning the burqa in state government buildings and facilities makes a lot of sense.”

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