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Mark Latham vows to take action on behalf of farmers facing bankruptcy

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham says if the government doesn’t act on behalf of farmers affected by crippling land clearing laws, he will.

Under the laws, farmers must acquire a permit to cut down bush on their own land, but for every hectare of land cleared farmers are forbidden from touching four hectares of their own land.

Some farmers are now facing fines of up to $1 million.

An announcement is expected to be made later this week after NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean visited these farmers to reach a resolution.

Mr Latham tells Ben Fordham there are nine families before the court that need a reprieve.

“If the government doesn’t do that I’ll be looking for remedies in the Upper House at least to put the pressure on.

“There’s nothing more pressing than saving farm families in a time of drought from bankruptcy.

“This is a tragedy in the making.”

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