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Mark Latham urges caution as he calls for Shaoquett Moselmane to resign

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham is calling on state Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane to resign after his home was raided by the AFP.

The AFP and Attorney-General are investigating connections Mr Moselmane has with outside influences.

Chinese government agents are alleged to have infiltrated Mr Moselmane’s office in order to influence Australian politics, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The NSW MP denies any wrongdoing.

NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay says she will push for Mr Moselmane to be suspended from Parliament.

But Mark Latham told Ben Fordham information on the raids needs to be made public before action can be taken.

“Because it’s possible you could suspend this guy from the Parliament … and he goes to the Supreme Court and the decision is overturned.

“That would be a disaster for the Parliament so I’d urge a bit of caution.”

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