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Mark Latham: Sun has set on Sam Dastyari’s career

The Outsider Mark Latham joins Michael McLaren following Sam Dastyari’s resignation from Parliament.

Michael tells Mark the sun has set on Sam Dastayri’s career, but Mark believes Bill Shorten is flying under the radar.

“He’s integral to the whole scandal.

“Bill Shorten has been playing a game very similar to Sam Dastyari.

“Bill Shorten hasn’t been very bold or decisive in his treatment of Sam Dastyari because Bill Shorten has some serious questions to answer.

“Huang Xiangmo paid $55,000 to have lunch with Bill Shorten.

“You can’t allow yourself as a political party to fall into cash for policy.”

But Mark does say of Dastyari, “he was a disgrace to the Senate and I’m very glad he’s gone.”

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Michael McLaren