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Mark Latham ‘shocked’ by Premier’s ‘disrespectful’ captain’s call

NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham has criticised the Premier’s captain’s call decision to repeal the state’s lockout laws.

Mr Latham was on the parliamentary committee tasked with investigating whether the laws should be eased.

After months of research, hearings and deliberations, the committee was due to hand down its findings on September 30.

But the Premier has jumped the gun, announcing over the weekend she will repeal the laws.

Mr Latham says the captain’s call is “disrespectful” and has wasted an enormous amount of time and money.

“It came right out of the blue and it made me think, why did I bother.

“Why did I bother going to different meetings, inspections, meeting with the different interest groups, reading all the reports, doing research about this important issue.

“If Gladys Berejiklian knew what she wanted, why set up the committee in the first place and why make us, at some public expense, go through the whole process of trying to examine it in a thorough and proper way.”

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Mr Latham personally believes in scrapping the lockout laws but says the decision should have been based on the committee’s findings.

“I was shocked yesterday to hear the Premier making the decision on our behalf.

“When will this government ever learn?

“They rushed through greyhound decisions, got that wrong.

“They rushed through decisions on council amalgamations, got it wrong.

“They rushed through the abortion bill, it’s full of flaws.

“And now they’re rushing through a decision on lockout laws.”

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