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Mark Latham: ‘Scott Morrison’s made some mistakes lately’

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A controversial decision will see former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull lead Australia’s delegation at a climate change conference in Bali next week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he was unable to attend, so he asked Mr Turnbull to go instead.

The PM said President Widodo appreciated Mr Turnbull’s decision to go as the two leaders had a famously good relationship when they were both in power.

But Outsider Mark Latham does not agree.

“This decision is just totally ridiculous,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“All the callers who’ve rung in are spot on in condemning it.

“The bloke wouldn’t lift a finger to try and save or retain their seat of Wentworth is now rewarded with an overseas trip.”

The Outsider also says sending Mr Turnbull to a climate change conference “is a recipe for higher electric prices”.

“He is a full-on, 100 per cent supporter of renewables. He signed up to climate change and this on a day where the government in Canberra is trying to announce a policy supposedly to bring down electricity prices.

“Scott Morrison’s made some mistakes lately.

“The lead up to the Wentworth by-election was all over the shop and he just makes some fundamental errors.”

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