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Mark Latham: PM on a ‘slow march to electoral defeat’

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has hit out at PM Malcolm Turnbull, saying he should consider stepping down if the polls are still dire by Christmas.

Mark Latham agrees, telling Ben Fordham that approach is “common sense”.

“In terms of political advice, most people would think that Turnbull is a slow march to electoral defeat, and if he hasn’t turned it around by Christmas time the Liberal Party should get a new leader otherwise Bill Shorten will be our next prime minsiter.”

Mark also spoke about ball tampering, but not the cricketing kind.

Mark has battled testicular cancer and is encouraging ‘ball tampering’ to keep the ordinary Australian man out of trouble.

“When I was 33… I did the checking that you need to do looking for a hardening or a ridge on one of the testicles. I had that problem. I went and saw the doctor.

“This is the second most common cancer that kills men in Australia under the age of 40. It’s serious.

“The message is, don’t be embarrassed. Get the medical attention. You can go on and have children, have a normal life.

“If you get it early you can live on… with no recurring problems.”

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