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Mark Latham: Disagreements now mean bullying in a ‘snowflake society’

Rumours of a bullying culture within the Liberal Party have continued to swirl, as another female MP has announced she will resign from politics.

Government backbencher Ann Sudmalis has used parliamentary privilege to name those she says bullied and intimidated her during her six years in federal parliament.

Ms Sudmalis says she won’t contest her seat of Gilmore at the next election not because of the leadership chaos in Canberra, but because of the bullying she’s experienced.

She delivered a scathing attack against state Liberal MP Gareth Ward, accusing him of branch stacking, “betrayal” and “backstabbing”.

“He doesn’t just get even, he annihilates anyone who opposes him,” Mr Sudmalis said.

Mr Ward has strongly denied the allegations.

Since Malcolm Turnbull was ousted as leader in late August, a handul of female Liberal MPs have pointed to a bullying culture, with member Julia Banks being the first to raise the issue.

The Outsider Mark Latham says it’s inevitable that politicians in the same party will have “ongoing disagreements” and that’s the nature of the game.

Mark tells Luke Grant he fears we’re reaching a situation, in a “snowflake society”, where “bullying is synonymous with disagreement”.

“Having a disagreement inside a political party is not bullying,” he says.

“I spoke to two very capable federal Liberal female MPs on Sunday and they both said they haven’t seen any bullying.

“They think by and large it’s bollocks.

“So we’ve got to have allegations backed by detail before you can take them seriously and at the moment I’m not taking any of this seriously.”

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