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Mark Latham: Anyone ‘who wants trouble between those two nations is off their rocker’

Days after 12 Russians were indicted on charges for hacking the Democratic campaign during the US election, President Donald Trump has met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Mr Trump has been criticised for not being stern enough on the meddling issue.

He says he has faith in US intelligence officials but doesn’t believe Russia interfered in the election.

Outsider Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham it’s “a beat up, the Trump haters are out on their soap boxes again”.

“Whatever the Russians have done, there’s been more interference in American democracy… than anything the Russians have done.

“For the Trump haters, anything short of him coming out of that meeting and him declaring war on Russia, they were going to get stuck into him.

“It’s just another example of Trump derangement syndrome.”

Mark also says the Helsinki summit, “from an Australian perspective” was a “big success”.

“The reality is, over 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons are held by the US and Russia, and anyone in Australia who wants trouble between those two nations is off their rocker.

“It’s in Australia’s best interest to have cordial relations between the two nuclear superpowers.”

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