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Māori group battles it out for ownership of Parramatta

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A Māori group says they have a claim to a major piece of land in Paramatta and have taken their fight to the Federal Court.

They claim that 112 acres of land in Parramatta was gifted to Ngāti Rangihou Kanguru Hapū by Aboriginal people over 200 years ago.

The land includes James Ruse Reserve, Robin Thomas Reserve, the Rangihou Reserve and even parts of the Parramatta River.

The Māori want “the history books corrected” and compensation for damages of the land, but the City of Parramatta Council is disputing the claims.

Ngati Rangihou Corrangie Hapū leader Lady Crown tells Ben Fordham there are records the land was gifted to them.

“We will not stand for any young buck in the courtroom trying to dismiss our culture, our customs, our traditions and our values.

“The Paramatta City Council… they have no authority over the land, they are just trustees, and if they continue the true Crown will sack the trustees.”

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