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Man caught attempting to flee country by yacht

A man has been found allegedly hiding in the air-conditioning vent of a bulk carrier while attempting to leave the country.

On the morning of June 20, a large vessel, en route to Newcastle, came to the assistance of a yacht that had encountered trouble in the waters off the coast of Yamba.

The 31-year-old man on board the yacht was taken into a cabin on the ship.

When the bulk carrier entered Newcastle waters it was discovered that the yacht had disappeared and so had the man.

NSW Police and Australian Border Force officers boarded the ship and found the 31-year-old allegedly hiding inside an air-conditioning vent.

The man was found to be in breach of bail over an alleged sexual assault and was arrested.

Police will allege the man had deliberately cut the tow line and planned to hide on board the ship until it was due to depart Newcastle for Malaysia.

Officers found and seized $4,435 cash and a knife to undergo forensic examination.

He has been refused bail and will appear in court again today.

NSW Police Marine Area Command Chief Inspector Joe McNulty told Ben Fordham how it all unfolded.

“He’s a bit of a character with how he was trying to evade police.”

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